Antique Stores and Historical Sites near San Antonio, TX

Nothing gives insight into the minds of a people than looking at their history. The Texas spirit is one of bravery, adventure, and family values, and this is evidently true if you peer through our history. In Bandera, the self-proclaimed Cowboy Capital of the World, you can learn about these heroic men and see how the Texas lifestyle is still living on.

Historical Site Highlights

Frontier Times Museum
The first stop on your history journey should be the Frontier Times Museum. On top of educating you on the cowboy way of life, the museum portrays stories of several wild west heroes. The museum shows how they lived, and how they became the men idolized in so much modern media.

On top of legends of the past, the museum details rodeo stars in more recent history. This can be a lot of fun for those passionate about rodeo records. Learn the biggest names in this unique western sport.

Great Western Cattle Trail
Just imagine overlooking the Texas desert in the 1800s. Cowboys had to corral thousands of wild cows so people could be fed. It was great money, and though it was tough work, it became an iconic American symbol for freedom and culture.

In Bandera, you can view and walk a section of the Great Western Cattle Trail. While museums can attempt to capture what history was like, nothing can beat visiting a historical site like this in person.

Wild West Antiques

No matter what your interest level in antiques is, you can find a lot of neat knick-knacks and quality antique furniture for a decent price. From Girandoles to Abattants, you'll be able to find your historical treasures for a reasonable price.

WesternTrail Antiques
The most popular antique store in Bandera has to be WesternTrail, which sits on Main Street. With a variety of differently-valued antiques on display, you can buy anything from vintage cowboy clothing to a cannon. Even if you aren't planning on buying anything, it still is worth the trip.

People tend to spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours shopping around. There are two full floors of antique items. If you are an antique hunter, you will have a heyday at a place like this. Reviewers have lauded the shop's selection of unique and memorable items, as well as the kindness of the people who run the place.

Fickle Pickle
Another great stop in Bandera, Fickle Pickle is an antique store with a twist. Originating exclusively as an antique stop in 1987, Billie Shaw felt confident in the business. As time went on, Mrs. Shaw started making pickles for guests, and it got to the point where people would stop by exclusively for her recipe.

Fickle Pickle is an antique shop turned pickle store. While kind of a strange combination, it shouldn't sour your antique hunting experience. The Shaws are incredibly warm people, and there are still antiques to look at and buy. Make this a pit stop on your trip if only to buy a jar of Mrs. Shaw's pickles.

Worldwide Treasures

Vintage Social
Bandera isn't the only place to plunder for antiques. If you drive just a little further than Bandera Falls, you can get to the town of Lakehills. Here, you can enter Vintage Social. While the other two stores were focused on more modern antiques like 1800s furniture and vintage clothing, Vintage Social will transport you further back in time.

This antique shop offers plenty of collector's items from cultures all over the world, some of which are relics of the past. Arrowheads from Native Americans, Terracotta figures from early Japan, and artwork and sculpture from all over the world are just a few of the hidden treasures you can handle yourself.
Taking a step into the distant past has its novelty. If you're exploring Texas history, you'll become more connected with the Lone Star culture! We hope you come to appreciate the heritage of our state and the hospitality of our company.
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